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"Insilicosystems towards personalized medicine and nutrition"



Metabolic profiler for Alzheimer's disease in production. The algorithm works on patient samples based on blood, cerebrospinal fluid and urine 



Quantitative visualization for Metabolic profiller ready to be used. Calculations are ported to cloud platform for high performance computation.



Welcome to Insilicosystems ! We build in-silico disease models by combining "omics" data & computer simulations to understand disease conditions. Our state of art algorithms use historical data from public repositories and research institutes for a disease domain and predict reliable outcomes in understanding a disease. We hope you will find our work useful and interesting. You can find detailed information about our products and services on this website or you can contact us for help. 

Metabolic pathways to guide your research.

Science behind common dementias & Alzheimer's disease. 

Towards personalized food, medication and drug discovery.